SWFPut is a plugin for WordPress that provides easy placement of flash or HTML5 video in posts and pages and the widget areas (sidebar, etc.).The plugin adds setup forms in the editor and widgets pages, and hopefully they will make the plugin easy to use. There are two main components: the actual WordPress plugin, and the video player programs. The flash video player has been developed to work well with the Free (GPL) Gnash flash plugin, as well as the closed plugin. The HTML5 video player should work well with the major graphical web browsers (if not too outdated a version).


Documentation is included in the package. When on the editor or widgets pages, click the “Help” button at the top of the page. You will find a tab with help for the video setup form.


The latest version is 2.1, released on the first of May 2014. The default for primary content is now HTML5, with flash as fallback content (which seems worth mentioning because SWFPut began as a flash video player plugin, only). In this version, scripting is used to help make media support more robust. For example, if an MP4 file is provided for HTML5 primary content, but the browser does not support MP4, the URL will be passed to the flash player and the flash player will be swapped into the parent position (if possible). Nevertheless, the goal of producing markup that is useful in browers with scripts disabled is still maintained.


Here is a small clip of a public domain work. This clip is served from this host.

Sita Sings the Blues (2008) one minute clip

The clip above was encoded at a low bitrate to reduce data transfer, and some compression artifacts are visible. Be assured that those artifacts are not present in the original available at Archive.org. A/V material doesn’t need to be hosted on the same machine as the WordPress weblog. You can use an off-site URL (provided, of course, that it is your privilege to link to the material).

Duffy the Mascot at Archive.org

The short stop-animation film above is served from Archive.org.

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