A small selection of miscellaneous small software:

  • Epspline (as in Edit-Povray-SPLINE): For POV-Ray users, a simple editor of “lathe” and “prism” objects. It has its own page here. For Unix-like systems and MSWindows.
  • A plugin for the WordPress weblog software, called SWFPut, that allows easy placement of HTML5 and flash video in posts and widget areas. It is used on this site. It has its own page here, and at the WordPress.org plugin directory.
  • A plugin for the WordPress weblog software, called Spam BLIP, that performs DNSBL checks on comment submission to reject comment spam. Works well with a content analysis plugin such as Akismet by leaving it less to work with, thereby reducing network (and CPU) use. It is used on this site. It has its own page here, and at the WordPress.org plugin directory.
  • A DVD backup utility, includes command line programs (scriptable), and a graphical front end (requires wxPython); sorry, for Unix/POSIX systems only: cprec-0.4.0p1.tar.gz (pgp signature).
  • A version of grep, with POSIX-like options, that searches with ECMAScript (JavaScript) grammar patterns (by default, other grammers available in C++11 can be selected). Requires a C++11 compiler, complete enough to support std::regex, and a few other new features: cxxgrep-0.1.tgz (pgp signature) or cxxgrep-0.1.zip (pgp signature). Tested on Unix-like systems, but will probably build and work on MS and Apple systems with little or no trouble — let me know. It’s small, and all source is in one file.
  • A simple commandline utility to make POV-Ray density files from arbitrary image files: df3_mk.tar.gz (pgp signature). This uses the ImageMagick library C++ interface. For Unix-like systems. No manual page.
  • This is a little command to get host names or numbers (similar to “host”), with the now obsolete ability to check the DNS spammer blacklists that were in used in the past: gethostn-0.1.0rc1.tar.gz (pgp signature).
  • Two commands — wavemult and wavechop — which might be useful in preparing audio CD material at the commandline. The former will align multiple .wav files on CD block size boundaries without loss or zero-padding, and the latter will chop a large .wav file into a set of smaller files according to a times argument, and also maintains CD block alignment: wavehacks-2013-10-7.tgz (pgp signature). For Unix-like systems.
  • An old Java applet for drawing Mandelbrot/Julia Sets and fractal planets: story here.

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