On aspect

To have one’s visual elements displayed such that the aspect of width appears in proper ratio to that of height is an essential element of the maintenance of sanity in a hurried and harried world.

Henry David Thoreau

Ok, that’s a fib, Thoreau didn’t say that. But it’s true nonetheless.

The video below has pixel dimensions of 480 × 360, so the the ratio of pixel width to pixel height is 4:3. How does it look?

Squeezed: 4:3 pixel dimensions, but 16:9 display needed

The next, below, is the very same source, but SWFPut has been set to display it at a 16:9 ratio.

Sweet: 4:3 pixel dimensions, with 16:9 display shown

I’d say Thoreau would be pleased, but who knows, maybe he wouldn’t have cared. Do You?

In the “SWFPut Video” metabox form there is a “Dimensions” section with an input field labelled “Display aspect” in which you can place the correct ratio for display. The default is 0 which disables the setting. The value given is horizontal on left, vertical on right, separated by ‘:’ or ‘x’ or ‘-‘ or ‘/’ or ‘ ‘ or it can be one positive real number (distinguished by the presence of a decimal dot, with apologies for lack of internationally adapted notation).

So for example, you may give something like 16:9, or 16/9, or 1.7777777777777777 etc..

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