No control bar + autoplay + no video popup menu

Metabox Form Settings
  • check “Loop play”
  • check “Hide and disable control bar”
  • select “Play on load”
  • select suitable “Initial volume” as user cannot adjust this

In addition to the list above, put a ratio in the “Display aspect” field. This should be the actual display aspect ratio wanted, but unless you know that the video is anamorphic, you can simply use the pixel dimensions of the video. For example, if the video width is 240 and the height is 180, then put ‘240×180’ in the “Display aspect” field.

Why? This technique is a sort of hack: SWFPut adjusts display aspect ratio by displaying video on an HTML canvas element, because the HTML video element does not provide for aspect ratio control. So, if you give an aspect ratio, SWFPut will use a canvas and the canvas element popup menu does not include video control items, as the popup for the video element probably does.

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